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Wondershare Filmora – Effects Pack (Update 12.2022)

Wondershare Filmora – Effects Pack (Update 12.2022)

Wondershare Filmora – Effects Pack (Update 12.2022) | 157.38 GB | Language: English

A set of additional effects for working with Wondershare Filmora v9 (theoretically) / v10 / v11 video editor (not suitable for version 8 and earlier).

Checked only on version 11 – Filmora Portable by FC Portables .
Some of the effects are from free collections, the rest are from premium ones. Downloaded from third party sites.
After installation, the effects will be in the corresponding section at the bottom of the list (filmstock subsection). Some bug packs may have a type name “DefaultPackage”.
Sorting by folders is very conditional, because. collections usually contain many topics and can be used for different purposes.

You can unpack all archives at once to the folder you need using WinRar / 7zip using the context menu (see “Installation Features”)

Installation Features:
Packages are sfx archives that are unpacked to: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Wondershare\Wondershare Filmora\Installed Effects
>> Path for Filmora v9 version : %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Wondershare Filmora 9\Installed Effects (move here manually ).
You can unzip all the archives at once (to the above folder) using WinRar / 7zip.
Select the archives you need, move the mouse cursor over any of the selected ones and drag it to another window while holding the right button (RMB), then release the RMB and select the “Extract / unpack to current folder” item.
Do not use the item “Unpack each archive into a separate folder” so as not to create subfolders. —

If space on the system drive is limited , symbolic links can be used using the Link Shell Extension or equivalent.
Video instruction
1. Install the specified program.
2. Open %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Wondershare\Wondershare Filmora
3. Move the “Installed Effects” folder to another drive.
4. Right-click (RMB) on this folder and select “Remember link source” (Pick Link Source).
5. Reopen %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Wondershare\Wondershare Filmora
6. Click in an empty space RMB “Place as …” – “Drop as … – Symbolick Link”.
7. A “virtual” folder will appear. All effects installed in the future will also be moved to another drive in that folder.
8. If desired, Link Shell Extension can be removed.

Update 12.2022:
3d Abstract Space
3d Business Explained Slideshow
3d Chat Room
3d Cyberpunk Holograms
3d Digital Twins Healthcare Pack
3d Gaming Intro
3d Gaming Metaverse Pack
3d Holographic Music Show
3d Skull Metaverse Pack
Aperture Particles
Audio Visualization Intro
Audio Visualization Intro Vol 02
Blue Star Intro
Business Annual Report Pack
Business Tutorial
Camping Stickers Pack
Camping Under Magical Sky
Candy Fantasy
Cartoon Style MV Pack
Cartoon Wedding Sticker Pack
Clean Camping Filter Pack
Clean Punk Sticker
Colorful Pop Illustration Pack
Conference Promo Vol 01
Cracked Glass Effect
Creepy Halloween Pack
Cyberpunk Watch Dial UI
Dynamic Dance Promo
EDM Music Logo Pack
Elden Game Pack
Electronic Device
Emotional Pets
Fans Schedule Pack
Film And Television Awards
Film Damage Pack
Fire Fighting Pack
Flower Wedding Titles
Fluid Intro Pack
Food Dishes Design
French Tennis Match
Funny Looking Pets Pack
Furious Motorsport
Glitch Screen Overlay Pack
Halloween Film Pack
Halloween Horrors Pack
Halloween Neon Party
Halloween Scary Pack
Horror Stories Pack
Immortal Demon Pack
Immortal VFX Elements
Incomparable Music Album Vol 02
Instagram Intro Promo
Introduce Your Pet
Light And Cinema Intro
Liquid Metallic Skeleton
Luke Stephens Gaming Journey Pack
Metaverse Creativity
Military Power Comparison
Modern Lifestyle
Modern Logo Reveal
Modern Slideshow Intro
Oil Paint Brush Pack
Platinum Jubilee Celebration
Pop Youtube Style
Poster Slideshow
Product Promo Background
Progress Pack
Projectiles FX
Recruiting Movies Template Pack
Reggae Music Scenes
Science And Technology
Star Wars In Space
Stream Social Media
Stylish Logo Reveal
Suspense Movie Filter
Ticket And Label Art
Time And Place Sign
Tour De France
Transparent Glass Pack
Travel Delight Pack
Travel In Home Pack
Travel Magazine Pack
Underline Resource Pack
Vegetables And Cutlery Stickers
Video Game Pack Vol 03
Vlog With Filter
Watercolor Celestial
Wedding Invitation
Wedding Invitation Template
Weird Flashlight
Workout Schedule Pack



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