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Renault Dialogys v4.9 (For Vmware)

Renault Dialogys v4.9 (For Vmware)

Renault Dialogys v4.9 (For Vmware) | 34.3 GB | Language: English + Russian

Dialogys is an electronic version of Renault documentation for pre-sale and after-sales service of Renault cars, Dacia.
Dialogys includes absolutely all repair, diagnostics, and spare parts catalogs for all Renault car models.
There is no power supply in this program.

VINA search is not possible if you are not a dealer.

The multilingual interface, but the serviceman only in French.

Extra. Information: For the correct display of the program interface in Russian, Russian (Russia) should be selected in the regional settings of Windows.
The directory is installed on the VMWare virtual machine, Windows 2000 is used as a working OS.
Original directory discs are taken from distribution.
Windows 2000 as an OS for the directory was used to reduce the use of local machine resources.

Installing the catalog from the original distribution passed in order:

1.cd0-dialogys_1.6_v7.6.5_without_alpine_23_03_2018.iso Installlauncher.Bat
2.DVD1.ISO Installlauncher.Bat.
3.DVD2.ISO Installlauncher.Bat.
4.DVD3.ISO Installlauncher.Bat.
5.DVD4.ISO Installlauncher.Bat.
6.DVD5.ISO Installlauncher.Bat.
7.DVD7.ISO Installlauncher.bat.

In the compressed state, the virtual machine weighs 11GB. (But distribution in the archives is prohibited) Sori.

Year / Release Date: 2019-10
Version: 4.9.
Developer: Renault.
Interface language: English + Russian
Tabletka: Not required


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